Exhaust Systems

Don’t wait until prolonged idling on cold winter mornings increase the danger from  carbon dioxide gases leaking from your exhaust system into your cars cabin!

Carbon dioxide is the colorless and odorless  gas that should be leaving your tailpipe behind your car, and when it isn’t it could be giving you headaches, making you nauseous, or even worse!

Did you know…

…the sound of  leaking exhaust systems are not only annoying, in some cases it’s illegal and an officer will ticket you!

…a bad exhaust systems can also adversely effect your fuel economy!

…it’s true, the manufacturer tuned your engine to run best with a properly functioning exhaust.

Now you know and with gas prices bouncing between $3.50 and $5.00 a gallon it makes more sense than ever to get that noisy exhaust system fixed properly.