Tune Up

Tune-ups have become more complicated than simply changing the spark plugs and adjusting the timing.

With today’s advanced computer controlled components, it is even more important to ensure that your vehicle’s electronic components and mechanical parts are working together optimally.

Your engine spins at thousands of revolutions per minute – even while “city driving” – and at these speeds everything must work together like clockwork!

Ensuring that your car is tuned-up properly will…

  • Extend the life of your engine

  • Give you more power under your foot

  • Increase mileage

  • Catch or prevent damage early – before it leads to more costly maintenance later 

  • Keep you from being stuck and stranded in bad weather, or ruining your vacation

Your owner’s manual will recommend that you should get regularly scheduled tune-ups every so many miles.

But, If you are like most people in Muskegon, you are probably woefully overdue for a tune-up and inspection!

Who could blame you, when most mechanics seem to want to replace every part on your engine, every time you go in for a checkup!

You will not need to worry about that at Mike’s Automotive, he will inspect your car thoroughly, and only replace the parts that need replacing!

Mike’s Tune ups will have you back on the road with complete confidence, quickly and under budget, so you will be ready for any cross-country trip to paradise!