Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings usually last a long time, and because they do, most drivers don’t give them much thought.

However, when wheel bearings go out they do put you at risk of getting into a serious accident!

What are Wheel Bearings?

Wheel Bearings are the parts in your wheel that encase the hardened metal rollers that allow your vehicle to roll freely with minimal resistance – when properly serviced.

While they are designed to last, conditions like driving on dirt roads, excessive exposure to water and potholes can cause these parts to fail prematurely.

How do you know if your wheel bearings are bad?

As front wheel bearings begin to go bad, you might notice a slight noise when cornering – or when you drive at certain speeds. You might also notice that you get less miles per gallon as your engine must work harder to compensate for the extra friction caused by these worn parts.
A slight shimmy, or play in your steering wheel is often the last warning signs you will get before a catastrophic failure of the wheel bearing causes an accident!

What happens when wheel bearings go out?

As the wheel bearings “go out” they lose lubrication, and friction causes the hub to heat up, melt and deform! This could cause your wheel to lock up, or even cause your wheel to separate from your vehicle when you are traveling at high speeds!
Bad back wheel bearings often go unnoticed due to their location on the car away from the driver. Even the most consciences drivers often don’t notice that their back wheel bearings are going bad until it’s too late.

If you suspect your wheel bearings might be bad, stop in for a quick inspection and Mike will put you mind at ease!


Note: If you have any reason to believe that driving your vehicle might be dangerous, call Mike and he can arrange to have your vehicle towed to his premises for inspection and repairs.